Cool Kit

Stuff We Want

Bentley baby stroller

$461 This six-in-one stroller’s diamond-stitched seats should match your bub’s silk nappies perfectly.

Bike helmet

$152 Here to help the fashionconscious protect noggins, the Thousand Epoch helmet is goodlooking protection for cyclists. No excuses, then. fashionprotect their usand

Jenson Button autobiography

$45 The former champ pulls no punches in a personal recount of his time in F1.

Retro VW fridge

$1999 While not a compliment to a Kombi, this Slovenian-made Gorenje is the S-Class of fridges. It’s fi lled with ionised air to create ideal freshness. om ment n-m ss

2018 Honda Civic Type R clutch

$1865 Beef up your new Type R’s driveline with this Xtreme organic clutch, complete with chromoly fl ywheel.

Ford GT watch

$917 Lucky enough to nab one of 500 Ford GTs? Or are you one of the 6006 who didn’t? This special commemorative watch, and its range, could be for you.

Ferrari 312P model

$ 1215 Ferrari’s merchandise store calls this 1: 18 scale model a ‘perfect’ reproduction.

Hence the price tag. ore.f s me rfect nce t sto Ferrari’ t per Hen