Cool Kit

Lightweight battery

Stuff We Want

Lightweight battery


These hand-built beauties weigh as little as 1.1kg thanks to lithium-ion tech

VW sport dampers


Dampers that hone your VAG ride’s side step or replace tired shocks.

Can use stock springs or Racingline ones

*Racingline springs not included

Coil covers


Bolt a bit of black to your Coyote 5.0-litre V8 with these stealth coil head covers

Livery tee

$37 dirtynailsbloody

Most will see art. We see trivia. Gulf, Alitalia, Castrol... this tee sports all iconic liveries

Golf wheels


Give your Golf a fresh look with Racingline’s ‘360’ style 19s. They’re 8.5 inches wide and come in three finishes

*Price for one set of Bright Silver wheels

MX-5 model


It looks like it was forged in a volcano, but these pint-sized model MX-5s come from the UK in 1:43 scale

Classic Ford coins


Everything from an XY GT-HO to a Cortina on a 50 cent coin. Printed by the Royal Mint.

* Price for one uncirculated XY GT-HO Phase III coin