Carrera Clash

When the head says buy new but the heart says buy old


911 Carrera T

2981cc flat-6, DOHC, 24v, twin-turbo

272kW @6500rpm

450Nm @1750-5000rpm


4.5sec (claimed)


AS THE shattering realisation sets in that there will soon be no more atmo Porsche 911, the older and atmo Porkers are only going to increase in value. But what do you do if you canít see yourself dealing with a high-maintenance classic? You buy a new Carrera. And if pure driving is the hot item on the menu, the Carrera T strikes a sweet balance. Itís a manual-as-standard, lightweight 911 that wonít cost you seven-figure Ď911 Rí money.

But even then, itís a turbocharged six, which means Porsche purists of old are unlikely to be interested. Enter the Carrera 2.7. Air-cooled, barely more than a tonne of metal, and a sound that will bring joy to even the atmo-agnostics. Sure, itís not going to be as comfortable as the new Porker, but why are you worried about being comfortable if youíre buying a Carrera? That said, our archives (in particular the February 1975 issue of Modern MOTOR) reveals that for its time the Carrera 2.7 proved a good highway cruiser, with enough sound deadening to stop yourself going deaf.

In terms of the Ďmagic handlingí our Feb í75 article describes, you might find yourself feeling a little more confident in the new Carrera, with Porscheís active stability management (or PASM) being a standard feature. Itís also going to be much, much faster, by about 2 seconds to 100km/h. But thatís not what this is about Ė this is about finding an unfiltered driving experience in a rear-engined Stuttgart stormer.

Youíve probably gotten a good idea of the kind of drive youíll have in a new T, thanks to the review in this very issue on page 46, but we reckon there are still drivers out there who want something so raw that traction control hadnít even been cooked up yet.

911 Carrera 2.7

2687cc flat-6, SOHC, 12v

154kW @6300rpm

255Nm @5100rpm


6.3sec (estimate)

$24,895 (1975)





The 2.7 boasts a sound that will bring joy to even the atmoagnostics

1975 911 Carrera 2.7

Left-hook, 74,515km

RECENTLY sold in a Bonhamís auction for $92,408, this tidy Carrera has put on a few dollars since being subjected to Australian taxes and dealer markups, but should prove a solid buy despite being tuned-down for US emissions law.

NOW $219,990

Hereís one we found on Trade Unique Cars