Dylan Campbell


WELCOME TO THE NEW-LOOK MOTOR. This has been months, perhaps years in the making – certainly there are elements in this magazine that I first thought about when I was a teenager – and we are excited and terrified to show you. As you flick through your magazine, it might feel like an entirely new place, like someone has come in and completely renovated your living room when you were out. But trust us – it’s the same pad, but with a more comfortable couch, a fresh coat of paint in a contemporary colour, the latest and largest TV and better shows on it. So to speak, anyway.

Since 1954 when the first issue went on sale, MOTOR has reinvented itself countless times, evolving to meet what its readers demand of it through the decades. In 2018, MOTOR is adapting yet again to take advantage of incoming opportunities presented by the digital age – with the magazine, perhaps unexpectedly, sat at the head of the table. Interestingly, although I am as hopeless a smartphone and internet addict as anyone, being young enough to have grown up with the internet since I was a kid, I sense that a market is brewing for curated, high quality entertainment experiences again, and not just on a screen, which many people are looking to spend less time in front of. So that’s the direction we’ve taken your favourite car magazine, the current team of which is the same that’s been around since 2013 – and we’ve been readers of MOTOR ourselves for a long, long time. We know its DNA. Our new slogan, Power, Performance, Passion, will be familiar to long-time readers. That’s deliberate.

Just to go over the changes, first and foremost MOTOR is still your every-four-week fix of performance car scoops, first fangs, comparison tests and vicarious features of the world’s hottest new cars. We will continue to focus exclusively on the world of go-fast machinery, from VW Polo GTIs to four-wheeled missiles like the epic Aston Martin Valkyrie, to roaring Ford Mustangs and HSV Camaros. We can’t live without the buzz of driving fast, and we know that’s true for you, too. We live to serve your addiction. And our goal is to give you your fix better than anyone else.

We will continue to put on the best and most-trusted performance car tests in Australia – Tyre Test, Bang For Your Bucks and Performance Car of the Year, with Hot Tuner madness sprinkled in every issue.

As you may have noticed, your MOTOR is now a little wider, and on much nicer, more expensive paper. Like many magazines around the world, we’ve had to increase our cover price in order to keep up the high level of quality that goes into our content, testing, photography and graphic design each month. We could have dropped our paper quality such that you could almost see through the pages, and let the photography become dull and the writing uninteresting, to reduce costs. But we’ve done the opposite; in giving your MOTOR a completely fresh look and printing it on premium paper – and continuing to push ourselves to increase the quality of writing, ideas and photography with every issue – we hope you’ll agree we’re still exceptional value.

That all said, we haven’t changed our subscription pricing – and now’s the time to take advantage of that. As I write this, I just finished begging our finance department to get a limited ‘new-look MOTOR’ subscription offer approved. For $44.95 you can get a six-issue subscription so you can try the new mag without having to drudge down to the shops (as it includes postage) – that’s more than $25 cheaper than buying six mags from retail. If you’re interested, head to magshop.com.au/motor or call 136 116. We can’t continue doing this so you have until May 30 before the price goes up. While you’re at it, be sure to enter our BMW Drive Day competition where we will send one lucky punter to sharpen their skills on a racetrack in the latest M cars – more info on pages 38-39.

MOTOR will continue to evolve over the next six issues as we shape and tweak and tune. Part of that is incorporating your own feedback – if there’s stuff in this mag you don’t like, or things you reckon we should include, or any other feedback for that matter, email us at motor@bauermedia.com.au and we’ll put it on the table as we continue to sculpt MOTOR into the best performance car magazine in the world. It’s your mag, after all. And we hope you enjoy this first instalment of the latest evolution.




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