– Chris Thompson

1 PORSCHE 959 POSTER $60 London-based digital production studio INK, as a part of its plainbody series, has created a poster featuring the classic Dakar Rally Porsche 959. We need one on our office wall, now.

2 CRAYON TO CAD BOOK $120 Australian automotive designer, Paul Beranger, taps into a lifetime of experience to track the history of car design in Oz. The 336-page hardback book would look great on any coffee table.

3 RACINGLINE SILVER DSG PADDLES $349 Sick of plastic? Harding Performance has what you’re looking for with its CNC-machined billet aluminium paddles for Golf GTI/R and Polo. Extending the paddle size makes them easier to use.

4 HONDA TYPE R VEST $121 To celebrate claiming MOTOR Performance Car of the Year 2018, Honda has released a range of merchandise, including this puffer vest – which will come in handy on a chilly road trip.

5 THOMAS SABO WATCH $549 It looks cool, but with a name like Rebel at Heart, this stainless steel timepiece better live up to its reputation. The minimalist design and deep-blue sunray dial back up the bold claim.


6 HYPERCHROME CAPTAIN COOK $3175 RADO’s HyperChrome Captain Cook range pays homage in name and design to a watch made by the company in 1962. It’s also water resistant to 200m and has a fabric bracelet.

7 RAIDILLON GLOVES $400 ”These elegant and comfortable gloves, made of soft cognac-coloured lambskin, suit perfectly a Gentleman Driver’s lifestyle”... If you’re going to treat yourself, do it well.




PRODUCT: Gran Turismo Sport

PRICE: $79.95


GRAN TURISMO SPORT has been available for a few months now and, when we first played it, we were a little surprised. There was almost no reason to play offline unless you wanted to set lap times, and seemingly no reason to have your own garage. It was a departure from Gran Turismo that pushed us towards online racing, something you really have to be in the right mood for. But a recent update changed that, by reintroducing us to the AI-battling grind that is a career-style GT Mode. GT Sport was already worth buying, even without the recent major addition, as it was good enough as a simulator and an opportunity to have some fun. Bringing back GT Mode has just sweetened the deal and given sceptical fans of previous titles a good reason to have a go. And those fans will be impressed with the game’s dynamics. Turning electronics off is an excellent lesson in smooth driving, and those hoping cars will feel and sound more realistic than in previous titles are in for a treat. It’s a fairly basic simulator, but an effective one. Online racing remains mostly unchanged, but its patrons have calmed somewhat over time. You should still expect to occasionally come up against those wishing to use you as a barrier on corner entry. It’d be interesting to experiment with the same car on the same track in both GT Sport and a game like Forza Motorsport 7, Assetto Corsa, or Project Cars 2 (some of these are more realistic) to see which holds up as the best of the bunch.

– Chris Thompson