Nathan Bee

Audi RS3 Sportback | 2.5-litre 5cyl, turbo, 360awkW (modified) ODO 38,700KM | OWNED FOR 1.25 YEARS

WHAT CAME BEFORE THIS? When I moved to Western Australia I had to get a tray Ė a ute. I thought, why not get a Maloo and supercharge it and all that... big cam, etc. Coming back to Melbourne Iíd turn into the car park for a customerís appointment and the whole office would shake. It was awesome in a straight line, but whenever I hooked up with old friends and we went into the mountains, I could easily keep up, but I didnít trust myself.

WHY DIDNíT YOU WAIT FOR THE ALLOY FIVE CYLINDER? I didnít know that it had a larger turbo, but as soon as I found it was an aluminium block, the structural integrity and tensile strength, I knew itís not going to work with my plans. I always wanted to upgrade the turbo and be a bit different. Sort of like the Maloo and the supercharger. The turboís been high flowed and thereís still a standard manifold there because I still want driveability. The wife drives it now and doesnít know it has any modifications. It actually spools 200rpm quicker than stock, itís about 220kW at the wheels stock and this is 360 (awkW).

MUST BE A MONSTER IN A STRAIGHT LINE. I got five 11 flats in a row, but it was at 219km/h. A guy in the States did a 10.3 at 216km/h. He was running slicks and the 60 foot was 1.5sec. I got my 60 foot down from a 1.9 to a 1.7, so thereís still a bit more to go. All the V8 boys come over and canít believe it. I tell everyone itís stock. Itís got launch control and is idiot proof.

YOUíVE GOT TRACK PLANS FOR WINTON, RIGHT? I was doing 1min 38sec laps in my Golf R, thatís just with coilovers and stage II type of things. Iíve done it a dozen times. We have a private track day coming up. The other guy whoís organising it has bought the facelift RS3, his is completely stock. Thereís a bit of competing and he wants a four-second head start, and Iím like Ďnahí, thereís not that in it. Wintonís all about technique and handling!