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Itís interesting how keyboard warriors will decry the choice of experts whoíve spent a week testing, largely because the judges picked a car the warriors didnít want to win. Umm, yeah... okay.

Whatís even more peculiar is people complaining about the price, seemingly forgetting about Bang For Your Bucks. Perhaps the price component in Performance Car of the Year should be of greater weight so that the really expensive stuff canít win? But then, if that were the case, why even bother bringing the really fast stuff?

Maybe there are people out there who look forward to seeing how a broad spectrum of performance cars measure up to each other. We know that a GT2 will spank a Fiesta ST, but by how much? How do they feel, how are they through corners... are they fun?

If you wanna bitch each year about how the wrong car won (ie, not the car you would pick or buy) then fine - bugger off and read something else. Alternatively, if you genuinely feel youíre better at testing and judging cars, simply quit your job, get a degree in journalism and go do better yourself.

Andrew Gempton, via Facebook

Try to please everyone and you end up pleasing no-one, etc. We would just assure readers that at PCOTY, we are not looking for simply the fastest car, we are wanting to recognise where the engineers have really created something special, more than the sum of its parts. It was almost the M2 Competition this year, but the GT2 RS was just too good.


I LOVED your article on lightweight cars (both modern and old) which might benefit further with targeted weight loss. I agree wholeheartedly, and itís something Iíve thought about personally for some time, especially for last-ofbreed atmo engines. Or, more to the point (in my case), a 2015 Audi RS5.

Itís my slowest car, but one that continually gives me a rush when I drive it. Still, its on-scale figure gets to me and I canít help but wish it wasnít so hampered by heavy layers that hamper the muscle.

Itís a phenomenal engine which wants to rev well beyond what most would consider necessary. However, given itís a car driven on power and not its torque (only 430Nm) itís a car Iíve often thought about making into a project and removing weight. Audi RS5 ďSuperleggeraĒ... or an unnecessarily long Germanic equivalent name.

The intention wouldnít be to try and make it a track car, simply rid it of excess weight to truly feel the last/best of the naturally aspirated breed.

Iíd be very interested to hear the thought of other MOTOR readers.

Kenny, via email

Donít know what other readers think but we say DO IT!


What a stunning event/race the Bathurst 12 Hour is! The worldís best cars, drivers and track. My money was on Whincup/Van Gisbergen/Lowndes. Sans the brake issues they had all weekend, I reckon they wouldíve won. But Matt Campbell in the Porsche was brilliant. Look at what he was up against in a car now being mothballed for the next iteration. Outstanding, seven cars within 10 seconds after 12 hours of racing!

Gordon, via email


Iím your long term reader and love how you write about feelings from driving reviewed cars. It makes MOTOR stand out. However, Iím not just sure about the star rating. Pretty much every car gets four stars, only the best of the best four and a half. The MercedesAMG GT C gained four stars, despite recommending GT R.

The Audi A7 55 TFSI also received four stars despite you saying that it is not this yearís most memorable car.

It is a bit silly, isnít it? Let four stars shine on an A110, five stars on a 911... and A7? It can happily get on with three.

Petr Pavlik, via email

Star rating is always how the particular car measures up against its intended purpose, with a bit of consideration given to value.


Personally, I think the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is very deserving of PCOTY 2019. And in that red, it looks spectacular.

Nobody really thought when it came out that it would be so fun, so easy to oversteer and so fast.

I admire itís 6:47sec around the Nurburgring. Then again, Porsche shattered the old record with itís 919 evo, with a 5:19sec lap time.

I am nearly 13 years old and I have a strong passion for Porsche, as you can probably tell. Many of them arenít focused on lap times or top speed, like many other car manufacturers.

Although Iím not too sure about the new 992 911 or the electric Taycan. They seem to be focusing on status rather than driving passion. Something tells me that every car is slowly moving towards that concept, even if they know buyers like good driverís cars. Eventually, everything will get there.

Amon Aughey, via email

There is cause to be excited for the upcoming hybridised/electric generation of sports cars, Amon. Electric motors permit engineers to do some seriously cool and new stuff and we ainít seen nothiní yet. We interviewed Mark Webber recently and he said most racing drivers whoíve driven a hybridised race car, like the Porsche 919, find internal combustion race cars boring by comparison when they get back into them.


Alex Affat

1994 Nissan GT-R | 2.6-litre inline-six, 220awkW (modified)


WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? Itís a base model GT-R, not a V-Spec or anything, so I bought it as it sits. Except for the wheels. But the previous owner rebuilt the engine, and did suspension, exhaust and all that stuff. It still has standard brakes, which I would like to address.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU OWNED IT? Since July last year. I was looking for a long time. It took me about a year to find. Just browsing online every day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I was getting serious because prices were climbing rapidly. And itís been a car Iíve always wanted and I got afraid if I left it too long Iíd never be able to get one.

ARE YOU A GT-R NUT? My dad has always been into air-cooled Porsches and BMW M cars, thatís what Iíve always been into, until I first saw an R32 at a workshop and dad said those were faster than his E46 M3 at the time and that blew my mind.

PLANS? Itís pretty mild, itís only about 220kW at the wheels, but thatís fine for me, because I want to track it. So Iíd want to leave the power low and get seat time and do what I can with the car as it sits. Itís booked into Winton, and thatís a track I know best because Iíve been racing there for years. But Iíd like to get out to Phillip Island and Sandown.

ARE YOU SCARED OF HURTING IT? Yes, but I love it too much. And that was something I always had in mind that I wanted to do with the car. I wanted to see how fast as a driver I could progress and take it. I take care of it. For the last six months Iíve babied it but now itís getting to the point where I just want to drive it.

HOW LONG WILL YOU KEEP IT? Iíll have it as long as I can, I donít see myself selling it. Itís a Japanese delivered car, thereís a lot out there. I think recent price rises was largely reactionary to the American marketís 25-year import rule. I think thatís plateaued a bit.


I recently upgraded my 1990 Toyota Celica to a Mitsubishi Lancer ES Sport. Not because of performance or tech, but more of an emotional sensation.

Is there something wrong with me? My doctor gave me the all clear last monthÖ I still love the look of the Lancer and, even though itís not an Evo and lacks any performance credentials, I actually like the way it drives. Plus the base model has been tarted-up with a rear spoiler and side skirts and itís priced well to move the remaining units.

The style has virtually remained the same for its 10-year model run, so I understand why the reviews have not been favourable. Am I the only person who actually likes driving this car who isnít a P-plater getting their first cheap car until they can afford a proper one?

Itís not quite the Mustang I wanted, but as a daily driver, it works. And I should still be able to factor in a new bike as well on my limited budget.

Nick Basiliou, via email Hey, you do you.


Hi, my name is Zach and I am 11 years old. I am a really big fan of MOTOR.

I really like your Bang For Your Bucks feature, but I think the final decisions were a bit off. I am a bit disappointed that the Audi RS3 only finished fourth.

Why? It is way better than a Ford Focus RS, and it has the practicality of an everyday car. Yes, I know that it is near $100,000, but you can pick up a used RS3 for close to $60K. The VW Golf R is close to $50K. Thatís only $10,000 more than the RS3.

So why did you put the RS3 fourth and the Ford Focus RS second? It isnít even being made anymore! At least the Audi doesnít eat its own tyres!

Zach Benveniste, via email

Zach! You could still buy a Focus RS when we did the test. Bang For Your Bucks is about speed vs price. The RS3 was super quick in a straight line, but the fact it was 2.5sec slower around Winton than the RS, and costs $27K more (!) hurt it in the final reckoning.


I am looking to purchase a new car, so I read your magazine closely. Fuel consumption, although a boring topic, is of interest as I do need to purchase it weekly with my own money and it hurts. I noticed the fuel figure Ďclaimed/measured/differenceí was wrong on the Ford Mustang. Living in Adelaide, I have to agree that our hills roads are fantastic and a great way to unwind or to visit some of our spectacular winery regions. Thanks for showcasing our side of this great country through PCOTY 2019.

Steve McLeod, via email

Ah, drats. Our bad. We listed a difference of 18.6L per 100km when it was meant to be 9.8L. Sorry!

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