STREET Machineís Drag Challenge is coming up fast (23-27 October), with around 40 paid-up entrants and a bunch of other enthusiasts furiously thrashing to get their cars ready in time. There are road-registered weapons coming from all over the country, but with the event being entirely held in Victoria this year, there are going to be a lot of Mexican cars in the chase. With the event spanning five days and covering more than 1500km of road driving, itís a big financial obligation and one that requires fast cars to be ANDRA-teched.

For those not suited to Drag Challenge, the next best thing down south is Heathcoteís King Of The Street series, which is put on by Mustang racer John Colaidis and the guys from Tunnel Vision Turbocharging. The third KOTS meet was held in September and it had a very healthy turn-out.

The rules are simple: The cars have to be registered with full interior and working street equipment (no pulling headlights or seats), and run a radial tyre (any size) and a full exhaust.

Previously, pump fuel was a requirement, but it has now been dropped due to the difficulty in policing it. Nitrous had also previously been banned, but was allowed this time around. That said, turbocharging is the thing at KOTS, with 35 out of 45 cars wearing hairdryers.

Reigning champion of both KOTS and Drag Challenge, Quentin Feast, didnít make it to defend his KOTS crown, leaving Frank Marcheseís twinturbo XW as the favourite for the event. While the Falcon has a 7.54sec timeslip to its credit, the question was: Could he get all 2200hp to the ground?

Frank must have thought he was at Powercruise, because at one point he performed a massive half-track powerskid. He outclassed the field, dispatching Brandon Zitoís neat LC Torana in the V8 final. With that done, Frank lined up against the winner of the six-cylinder class, Chris Kurumolla in his RB30-powered, mid-8.0sec VN Commodore.

Frank took the overall win.

As fast as Frankís XW is, he is unable to take on Drag Challenge this year, leaving Terry Sengís VC Commodore as the fastest car to have entered.

Quentin Feast hasnít been idle though, and has run his twin-turbo Torana to a new PB of 8.2sec at Calder Park. Rest assured itís going to be one hell of an event!