Geoff Scard, email

I READ about William Porker’s frustrating incident concerning a ‘Commode’ with tight nuts (Dirty Stuff, SM, Sep ’15). Please forgive me for being a pedantic, picky SOB, but I noticed that in the cartoon depicting the owner attempting to loosen the over-tightened wheel nuts, he was standing on the wheel brace but turning the nuts clockwise to ‘loosen’ them – which of course in real life would actually be tightening them.

I deserve a kick in my own nuts for pointing out something so trivial (just ask my two ex-wives), but maybe it is because I have had the same misfortune of having some mental midget overtighten nuts while enjoying the power trip of having a lethal rattle gun in their hands!

Love the story, love Street Machine, love just about everybody except rattle gun rats!

HEY Geoff, of course you are dead right about Aden Jacobi’s cartoon. Maybe he was thinking about the early Valiants, which had right-hand wheel studs on one side, and left-hand nuts on the other! – William Porker