Steve Moore, via Facebook

HEY guys, Iím a massive fan of your magazine! I see a lot of big-dollar ground-up rebuilds and unique cars featured in the mag, and was just wondering what your scope is for featuring new-school cars, and what sort of level they need to be at to earn a feature. Any feedback would be great!

HEY Steve, the only real requirement for an SM feature car is that it is interesting!

Generally, our feature cars are fairly heavily modified, with the driveline, stance, paint and interior all receiving attention.

A good example of a late-model car that ticks all the boxes is Justin Ellisís KINGGM VY SS (Mar í15). There are lots of big-horsepower late-model Commodores out there, but Justinís stands out with a seriously smooth engine bay, subtle body mods, cool paint and a great stance Ė basically old-school techniques applied to a new-ish car.