Tony Webb, email

IN REPLY to Alistair Davenport’s letter (SM, Oct ’15), I have been playing with and developing the idea of rear-mount turbos for around five years now, and they work incredibly well on a street car, as we have proven with our LJ. The turbo can be mounted anywhere there is space – for example, ours is rear of the diff – and I have seen them mounted beside and even in front of the diff (on a tonner ute). They do not have to be within the boot.

Regarding his comment of lost boot space, a large majority of modified cars run a whole variety of stuff within the boot – fuel cells, pumps, batteries, amplifiers, speakers – so I guess if you’re modifying your ride that’s the loss you have to take. Basically I think you need to decide whether you want a stock grocery-getter or a modified toy. If the answer is the latter, then some things you have to live with.

For the record, we use ours for everything from weekend cruises of a couple of hundred kilometres to a fish-and-chip run with my eight-year-old and wife. I even take my son to school in it and it’s never been a problem.