John Crowther, email

IíM A Holden man at heart, but even to this day I still remember the first time a Chrysler ever stirred my loins. It was a Russet Metallic VJ Charger from this fairly short-lived Aussie TV series from the late 90s called Good Guys, Bad Guys. I dunno if anyone out there remembers it; it was a kinda quirky crime drama, and the lead character Elvis (played by Marcus Graham) had this awesome VJ. There was just something cool about it, even though at that time Valiants were still very much an outsider thing, at least in my peer group.

There is precious little info about the car online, so Iím just curious if any of your readers remember it or know something about it. Was it a real V8, or did they just overdub a V8 soundtrack? And where is the car now?