AS DETAILED by Seddo on page 26, NSW began a two-year trial of a new logbook-based registration scheme for modified cars from 1 October. It will allow those with legally modified, club-registered vehicles (post-1948 but at least 30 years old) 60 days of unrestricted use per year. It means you can take your modified car or motorbike anywhere, anytime.

Les Ings – This is great news; my wife’s Sandman costs $1000 a year, and last year it only did 24km!

Brad Armstrong – Why make it a club restriction?

Why not make it available to all?

Gary Collins – To keep control of the trial scheme and keep the dickhead level to a minimum. If this scheme is screwed up by totally illegal cars, stupid behaviour or stretching the rules, it won’t be renewed.

Brad Armstrong – I just think it’s ridiculous that all the limited rego schemes are for club use. What about the hardworking people who don’t have time for clubs, who may get one Sunday a month where they want to go for a drive with their family?

Steve Smith – This would be a massive success if you were allowed to keep your number plate. With most street machines the number plate is a part of the car, part of its personality. I won’t be trading in my plates for a shit-looking H-plate.

STREET MACHINE – For sure, and the Australian National Street Machine Association pushed hard on that one, but you can’t win them all. We reckon there will be a massive influx to this system regardless. Have a read of the detail, it is quite different from the historic plate deal, particularly that modified cars (engineered) are allowed and you can use your 60 days whenever you want.

Alan Nicholson – For an extra $150 a year I’ll keep mine on full rego. I don’t understand why you’d want club rego and be told when you can drive it. It’s mine and I’ll drive whenever I feel like it.

STREET MACHINE – This is unrestricted, but limited to 60 days a year, and a lot more than $150 a year cheaper. Especially if you have multiple cars.

Shelle Vincent – Hopefully Victoria follows.

I’ve said for many years we need a modified car registration like they have in the USA. Well done to NSW for listening to the people and giving it a go.

David Kolonis – Victoria already has an awesome club permit scheme. You can choose either 45 or 90 days of use on both stock and modified cars.

Nathan Beard – Hopefully no one wrecks it by being stupid and pushing the boundaries.

Ben Wilson – Mate, there’s always dickheads that wreck it for everyone.

Gary Collins – That’s why we are running it for two years and only through clubs. Hopefully the clubs keep the dickhead element to a minimum.

Corey Lendvai – We need this in Queensland.

Gavin Lewis – It’ll never happen in Queensland.

Ever. If it’s not a HiLux, BT50 or a Corolla you’re a hoon apparently, and they’ll slap enough fines on ’em to have them crushed. The nanny state.