Orville Abbott, email

A MAN is sitting outside his local, enjoying a cleansing ale, when he’s suddenly accosted by a nun. “Drinking is sinful!” the nun cries. “No good will come of it!”

The man is taken aback, but asks: “Why do you think drinking is sinful, Sister?”

“My Mother Superior told me so,” the nun replies.

“But how do you know what she’s saying is true?

Have you ever had a drink yourself?”

“I’ve never taken a drink in my life,” the nun retorts.

“Then let me buy you a drink,” the man says. “After having a drink, if you still believe that no good comes of it, I promise to abstain from alcohol for the rest of my life.”

“But I’m a nun; I can’t have anyone seeing me outside this pub drinking!”

“Don’t worry,” the man replies, “I’ll get the bartender to put it in a teacup. No one will ever know.”

Finally, the nun agrees, so the man goes into the bar to order their drinks.

“Another pint for me,” he tells the bartender, “and a double scotch as well. But could you put the scotch in a teacup, please?”

The bartender replies: “It’s that nun again, isn’t it?”