SOME people might think about having a rest from their car after something as big as the convoy to Red CentreNATS (see last issue), but not Peter Traumanis and his mates.

Without touching anything mechanical on the twin-turbo LS1 in Peterís VT Commodore, the boys gave the car a quick makeover to take on the 1000m sprints at the Temora 1000. This included a big set of HSV brakes, an alloy air dam and a fibreglass bonnet and scoop to help get some heat out of the íbay.

So what can a Commodore with 600rwhp at its disposal do with a whole kilometre of road from a standing start? How does 265.4km/h sound? It did the dash in a best of 20.1sec, which was enough for Peter to take out his class and finish sixth outright. Nice one!


OUR annual horsepower festival in the nationís capital is on a little later than usual, 7-10 January, giving us all a little more time to prepare! The date also means that the City Cruise can move back to its usual timing of midday on Thursday.

The Burnout Masters field is as strong as ever, and there are a bunch of super-tough cars that havenít made the cut but will get their shot at redemption in the Last Chance competition, also on the Thursday. There are some pretty big names on the outside, including Mick Brasher, Steve Loader, Peter Grmusa, Phil Kerjean and Matt Purnell. Donít miss it! Check out summernats.com.au for all the info.


THE January issue of Street Machine is going to be a 244-page bumper-sized monster, full of goodness to entertain you over the silly season. Weíll have colossal coverage of Drag Challenge, the Summernats 29 survival guide, the Ultimate Burnout Challenge from Bindoon, the Race of Gentleman from New Jersey and loads more event stuff. Feature cars will include a yarn on the fastest streeter from the Apple Isle, a famous Street Machine cover car getting a massive makeover in bare metal, a mint Y-block-powered T-bird and much more! On sale 17 December.