Paddy Barber, email

IM DESPERATE to know whatever happened to the two-tone Momo CRRAZY VS ute? I think Bob Roman built it back in the day, and it was his for a while until it was sold off to James Scarlett.

Im only 23 and have never seen this ute in the flesh, but my obsession with it is unparalleled and Im desperate to track it down.

If there is a way to find out where this ute is at the moment, its status and whether the person who owns it would ever part with it, then please let me know.

Keep up the great work with the mag.

HEY Paddy! We got in touch with James, and yep, he still owns the ute. Apparently hes not doing too much with it at the moment as hes not all that involved in the scene these days. While hes not particularly looking to sell it, he did say that it if the right offer was made, hed have to consider it!