AS WE went to print, Street Machine Drag Challenge 2015 was just wrapping up. The 50-odd cars that competed drove 1400km on the road and raced at four tracks over five days. We posted regular updates on streetmachine.com.au and our Facebook page, and it seemed a lot of you enjoyed sharing in the epic adventure.

Rhys Davies – Probably the coolest car event in Oz I reckon. Well done Street Machine.

Brad Pettitt – Hands down the best thing you can do in a car. Better then sex! LOL Chris Pace – Awesome. How crazy is the green HQ ute off the line?

Greg Richards – I thought these were supposed to be street cars?

Tim Bailey – They’re all registered and will be driven over 1400km, some towing trailers with their gear/equipment. Then add racing for five days. I’d call that a street car.

Brett Kerr Gundry – That’s what a street machine is to me, not a trailered $200K show car. Show cars are nice too look at, but a street machine is a car that’s regoed and driven every day or weekend.

Mike Darcy – I passed these guys as they were heading south to Heathcote Park Raceway this arvo, looked real nice. Some real tough cars cruising with trailers in tow. Awesome series.

Mitchell Warburton – Seeing a hot-rodded Monaro towing a tinny. *Sniffle* – so beautiful.

Christopher O’Sullivan – Fast street cars towing boats rule!

Gary Lethbridge – How’s the little Corolla with the Holden six going?

STREET MACHINE – Like a train!

Gary Lethbridge – KE10 and a red six – mmm!

Darren Mallison – Matthew Smart is the owner. I think he ran 11.0 at Heathcote.

RJ McKay – I just saw Rob Adamo cruising through Ballarat. Man, that truck sounds awesome; I could hear him from a mile away!

Jinks Madacki – It’s great to see street machines driving around our roads and doing the right thing on the tracks. Loving the work, Street Machine.