WE RAN into Jason Musu at the Street Outlaws finals at Calder Park on Melbourne Cup Day. Anyone racing with horsepower as opposed to, er, horse power gets our tick of approval, and even more so when theyíre running 10s in a boosted V8-powered Chrysler Centura streeter!

Neat Centura, had it long?

Iíve had this car for 20 years, and itís been my only project car in that time. It was in pretty good condition when I got it Ė a daily-driven factory manual 245 that ran on LPG. Mechanically it was great, it really only needed a paint, which I did around 18 years ago. I reckon the blue has held up pretty well over the years!

Obviously itís not the same LPG guzzler it once was Ė whatís the go with the engine these days?

It now has a 318-cube Chrysler V8 that has been completely overhauled over the 20-odd years. It has a cast crank, H-beam rods, forged pistons, custom-grind cam, and a bunch of other goodies. Itís boosted by a GT47 turbo running 19psi, making it good for about 600rwhp on 98-octane pump fuel. It can go all the way up to 30psi on pump fuel. It runs through a 727 threespeed transmission.

Do much spannering yourself?

I do all of it! Pretty much everything that doesnít involve machining I have done myself. I built the engine and did all the fabricating for the turbo set-up. Iím a selftaught mechanic and Iíve been playing with cars since I was about 16 years old; Iím 45 now! Itís like anything; if youíre passionate about it youíll excel and I just really enjoy working on the car. Iím also a Mopar man so I wasnít going to put an LS in it, but that also meant having to do all the research and development work myself.

So much time and effort has gone into figuring everything out, but I wouldnít do it any other way.

How fast has she gone?

My PB for the car is a 10.00, but that was with a poor 60ft. I need to put a transbrake in the car and then itíll definitely go at least a 9.60 I reckon. Iíve already got the ícage in it; I just need new gears - itís got 2.92 gears at the moment - and a re-tune. Once I get the transbrake sorted Iíll increase the boost and see what it can do. s

Iím a Mopar man so I didnít want to put an LS in it, but it meant doing all the R&D work myself