IN THE December mag we featured Jon Freni’s XW Fairmont. With its low-down stance, tasty Lime Frost paintjob, white GS stripe and Cortina hubcaps, it’s definitely a cool thing, but it’s under the bonnet where things get really interesting. Look away now, Blue Oval fans – Jonni’s gone to the dark side and powered his XW with an LS1. Talk about stirring up a hornets’ nest!

Lee Hill – I like it, but at least mine is still powered by a stout Windsor.

Richard Stalling – I’m sorry guys; this guy has just ruined a lovely car. What a dickhead for putting an LS in it. I read the article and the reason behind it was he wanted to save on fuel – well you would have gained respect by putting in a turbo six or something. Such a waste of a good car.

Jonni Freni – You obviously didn’t read the article. The reason I did what I did was to be able to enjoy the car more often with my wife and kids – but thanks for your opinion.

Scott Booger Stewart – Best Ford ever running an LS.

Rod Quinnell – Wanker. I’m gonna build an LX Torana with a 351 Windsor, Top Loader and nine-inch and weld ‘Powered by Ford’ into the bootlid!

Alex Willcocks – He must have got a knock to the head. Would have been better off putting a turbo six in it, or EFI on a Clevo.

Kristian Chatfield – But I don’t think he is a hairdresser, Alex Willcocks.

Manford Crow – The LS motor fits right in, whereas the Barra has a lot of engineering with the firewall.

Des Teitzel – At least it’s not going to break down! Sweet ride mate, well done. I don’t really like Fords but this is tight. Great work.

Pumkin Kat – With a Mopar I could say ‘best of both worlds’, but Chevy parts are abundant and well-priced. Liked the article in this month’s mag.

Dylan J Higgins – How sweet does this look?

Aaron Podosky – Awesome, love it!

Travis Maddicks – Great car. Such a privilege to be able to work on it.

Jonni Freni – A privilege to have your work in the car, bud.

Paul Pizing – Tough as.

Maree Wilson – Nice ride guys!

Jonni Freni – Thanks SM for featuring the car.

So proud to be in the best mag in the country.