THE Paramount Performance VC is a highly decorated, genuine seven-second street car, and ran the quickest pass of Drag Challenge (7.86@166mph) straight off the bat on day one.

Shortly afterwards on the way to Portland, the team encountered a stuck lifter, so they pulled a head off at a servo, got it sorted and got back underway.

Terry managed his best 60-foot of the week at Portland on day two, but struggled with a bump at the pointy end of the track and ended up having to do a full pass in top gear in order to run a number.

On the way to the pub for dinner that night in Horsham, the team became aware of a slight transmission issue, and by the time they arrived at Mildura the following day, it needed to be replaced. They got it changed but by then the rain and the dust had hit, and the track was in bad shape. “It ended up costing us a fair bit,” Terry says. “That night we decided to push through to Bendigo; we got in at about 12:30am. It was our worst day, but in some ways it was our best day because we pulled together as a team and got it done.”

An exhaust thread pulled out of a head on day four and one of the exhaust manifolds warped, meaning a lengthy detour via Specialised Power Porting en route to Calder was required to get it sorted.

An 8.00 early in the proceedings on day five looked to have sealed the deal for Terry, until Quentin Feast snuck past by the smallest of margins for the win.

“We’re happy and we did what we could with what we had,” Terry says. “It was a good, tough event and everyone that managed to finish, especially the guys who continued to push even though they were out of the competition, were awesome. We had a really good time.”


Class: 247 Fittings Radial Blown


Engine: LQ9 6.0L

Turbos: Twin 62mm Transmission: Powerglide Converter: 5000rpm Diff: 3.5:1 Power: 1850hp Previous PB: 7.41@186mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 7.86@166mph


Anita Seng, Kyle Hopf, Rob Abbott