SIMPLY put, there aren’t a lot of genuine seven-second street cars in Australia. But on day five of Drag Challenge, after completing a torturous 1500km five-day drive towing a one-tonne trailer and with dozens of passes under its belt, Adam Rogash’s MPW VT Clubsport became one.

“We went 7.99@171mph banging the limiter at three-quarter track, and I’m ecstatic!” said Adam after the pass. “I don’t know of any other legitimate seven-second LS street cars in Victoria.

“People think the car is stripped out, but it still weighs 3700lb, and aside from dramas with a fuel pump and an intercooler pump, all we’ve done for the whole weekend is pull the headlights out and change the oil. We haven’t even pulled a wheel off the car all week and we’re still on the same tyres that we started on.

Our spare tyres are still on the roof of the trailer with the stickers on them.”

The combination was built by Adam himself at MPW and Johnny Pilla at Powerhouse Engines, and features Powerhouse’s new six-bolt heads. It runs a 427ci Dart block with twin billet 69mm Turbonetics turbos and a custom MPW-grind hydraulic-roller cam. Trans is a BTE Reid-cased Powerglide, while the ’cage and tubs were done in-house at MPW.

“We took out the Outlaw Blown class by a second and a half and I’m very, very proud,” Adam said. “Also, to be third overall is somewhere I didn’t think we’d be.”


Class: Turbosmart Outlaw Blown


Engine: Dart LS Next 427ci Turbos: Twin Turbonetics 69mm Transmission: Powerglide Converter: 3600rpm Diff: 3.25:1 Power: 1614hp Previous PB: 8.4@162mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 7.99@171mph


John Pilla, Neil Davey, Brian Jones