IN A SEA of LS-powered Holdens, Bubba Medlyns mental-looking matte-black VH Commodore stands out, because hes stuck with plastic power! Its the new Torque Power block and were the test dummy, Bubba says. Its Craig Bennetts latest design, a stronger version of a 308. Its cast iron with four-bolt mains, and were hoping to get about 1500-2000hp out of it; wed be pretty happy with that. Glenn Wells Racing did all the research and development and hes been really supportive of the decision not to go LS. Its cost me so much more money to stay with a Holden; I pretty much did it just to piss people off!

Bubba and his crew had a hectic lead-up to Drag Challenge, putting the car together just three days before the event and then having the K-frame in and out twice to address oil leaks. It was a brand new combo, and Jason from Tunnel Vision literally road-tuned it on the way to Calder Park on day one with the trailer on the back!

The team started out on very low boost, then ended up in the eights by the end of the event. Perhaps more importantly, they looked like they were enjoying every minute of it. I like the fact that I can grab my mates, put them in the car and go racing, Bubba says.


Class: 247 Fittings Radial Blown


Engine: Holden 370ci Turbos: Twin Turbonetics 76mm Transmission: Powerglide Converter: 3500rpm Diff: 3.5:1 Power: 1200hp Previous PB: 8.50@165mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 8.77@162mph


Jason Gill, Allen Davison, Kane Goodliffe, Fabian Agnelli