FROM the outset, it seemed evident that the Radial Aspirated class would be a tale of three Capris.

Tristan Triccas, Nathan Ghosn and Al Vella’s trio of Windsor-powered street weapons all had pace early on, but as the week wore on Al always seemed to have the upper hand, if only by a tenth or two.

He sealed the deal at Calder on day five and was declared the class winner, as well as Quickest Ford V8.

It’s also worth noting that by finishing in seventh spot in the outright standings, Al was the quickest man on Drag Challenge not aided by one or more turbochargers.

“The event was great and the car ran real well,” Al says. “It’s got a 440ci Windsor in it with a C4, nine-inch and four-link rear. It’s been a bit of a challenge for the car, that’s for sure.”

For a tough aspirated combo, the Capri proved to be remarkably consistent across four tracks and five days in varied conditions. On the three days of quarter-mile competition, Al turned in timeslips reading 9.57@143mph (day one), 9.51@145mph (day four), and 9.49@143mph (day five). At the eighth-mile tracks, he ran best times of 6.00@115mph (day two) and 6.08@115mph (day three). If he ever gets tired of winning Radial Aspirated, he’d probably put on a strong showing in Dial Your Own!


Class: Haltech Radial Aspirated


Engine: Windsor 440ci Transmission: C4 Converter: 5500rpm Diff: 3.73:1 Power: 750hp Previous PB: 8.80@157mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 9.49@143mph


Steve Micallef