RENOWNED engine builder and racer Tristan Triccas took part in Drag Challenge 2014, and wouldn’t have missed this year’s event for the world. He won the Radial Aspirated class last year and was just pipped for the win in 2015 by Al Vella in another Capri.

“This year has been harder than last year and we’ve had a few issues,” Tristan says. “I hurt an alternator, which I knew was going to happen, so I brought a spare. I also did a gearbox mount so we fixed that, but overall we haven’t touched it. It’s just the process of wheels off, pipes off, fuel change, jet change, race, then pack it up and go again – that’s the hard thing.”

For racers who work in the industry, Drag Challenge is the ultimate proving ground for your products, and that’s a big drawcard for Tricky. “I like to come to the event and promote my engines as being able to go the distance and give my customers the reassurance that their motors will be good.”

The car runs a 700hp 427ci Windsor with a C4 and Gear Vendors overdrive unit, which effectively reduces the final drive ratio from 4.5:1 to 3.5:1 on the freeway and makes for more comfortable cruising.

“Next year I’m planning to come back with my big engine,” Tricky says.

“It should have 900hp and hopefully I won’t have to change fuel.”


Class: Haltech Radial Aspirated


Engine: Windsor 427ci Transmission: C4 with Gear Vendors overdrive Converter: 6000rpm Diff: 4.5:1 Power: 700hp Previous PB: 9.50@142mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 9.61@137mph


Stephen Willies