I DID a 9.58@143mph at Calder and Ill just be glad if we get to the end.

Thats the goal to finish.

So said Mark Clifford when we caught up with him at Mildura on day three. Happily for Mark, not only did he finish in his nigh-on 600ci Mustang fastback, he also managed to win the Outlaw Aspirated class in the process.

It was fantastic to get the win considering I only really went down to have some fun, he says. Im definitely going to bring it again but Ill make it quicker; Im sure the other guys will step it up.

The Muzzy runs a Kaase 598ci hemi engine (or Shotgun hemi) making monstrous amounts of power, but Mark was worried hed hurt it at one point.

The oil gauge was flickering a bit by the time we got to Heathcote, so I thought Id better drain the oil, and there was less than a litre in it! he says. We took it easy and only had one run at Heathcote just in case, and I knew if I had a decent pass at Calder Id have it in the bag.

It hasnt done any damage but Ive been flogging it for five years, so Ill freshen it up and itll be good as new.

Other than the oiling dramas, a blown power steering seal on the way to Heathcote meant Mark had to rely on strong-arm steering for the last two days of the event further hindered by a 12-inch steering wheel and a bigblock over the front end!


Class: Street Machine Outlaw Aspirated


Engine: Kaase 598ci hemi Transmission: C6 Converter: 5000rpm Diff: 3.7:1 Power: 670rwhp Previous PB: 9.53@143mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 9.58@143mph


Grant Schlein