WHEN we spoke to Graeme Horner at Portland on day three, he declared his intention to claim the national un-opened LS1 record by the end of Drag Challenge. Its currently at 9.52 and the car should do it with ease. We havent turned it up yet and its run a 9.6, he said.

True to his word, shortly before the staging lanes closed at Calder on day five, Graeme wound the boost up and busted out a 9.49-second pass at 146mph.

I wanted to complete Drag Challenge safely before I leant on it, he said. We really rushed to get the car here and weve had a couple of problems along the way, but weve managed. Chris from CK Racing and Brett at Gawler Mechanical pushed really hard to get the car ready and we didnt think we were going to make it. We had the converter out the night before we left and had no time to pack properly; we just threw everything in the car and drove from Adelaide.

The Calais runs a braced nineinch, transbraked Powerglide and a bone-stock LS1 with a set of 918 valve springs and a Garrett GTX42R turbo, running on E85.

I felt like I owed it to Brett and Chris to get the number we were looking for, so on the last pass I brought the two-step up, added more boost and more timing. It banged the limiter in top across the line for the first time, so I knew it was a good pass. When I saw Daves smile I knew wed done it.


Class: 247 Fittings Radial Blown


Engine: LS1 346ci Turbo: Garrett GTX42R Transmission: Powerglide Converter: 3500rpm Diff: 3.10:1 Power: 812hp Previous PB: 6.80@113mph (eighth-mile) Best Drag Challenge Run: 9.49@146mph


David Jarrad