NOT only is Todd Foley’s VH Commodore a drop-dead stunner, but it’s also pure Holden from bumper to bumper, with a Holden V8, Trimatic auto and BorgWarner rear end. It boogies too, running into the nines naturally aspirated at every track on Drag Challenge.

“The car did all the right things and we had a ball,” Todd says. “The calibre of cars was unreal – we’ve had Top 60-quality cars making eight- and nine-second passes day in, day out. It’s awesome!”

In the lead-up to Drag Challenge a sump gasket leak led to a bit of a freshen-up for the mental 383ci Holden mill. James at MCE checked Holden mill. James at MCE checked the bearings, gave it a once-over and ran it up on the engine dyno to make sure it was happy, taking the opportunity to test another intake and a vacuum pump.

“The car wasn’t teched, so my brother Luke fabricated a ’cage up for me out of chrome-moly, which was a long process considering he was doing it after hours,” Todd says.

“We tried to think of every possible outcome and everything that could go wrong. We carried a spare CVR water pump, a spare starter motor, spare gaskets, spare diff gears and a spare tailshaft.

“We didn’t end up having to use any of it!”

any of it!”


Class: Haltech Radial Aspirated


Engine: Holden 383ci Transmission: Trimatic Converter: 6000rpm Diff: 3.89:1 Power: 647hp Previous PB: 9.69@140mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 9.76@137mph


Matt O’Connor, Blake Evans, Daniel Reid