DRAG Challenge threw a few curveballs in Brendan Cherry’s direction, but ultimately he ran quick all week and he finished, which is a considerable achievement in itself. Brendan’s turbo LQ9-powered HQ Monaro is a killer-looking car with power to burn, but it kept him on his toes in the lead-up to the event.

“I hurt the engine at another event not long ago because of a faulty injector, so we’ve rebuilt it from scratch and gone to a Haltech Elite with a Racepak dash so we can keep an eye on it,” he said at the beginning of the event. “Adam from MPW and I have been on it all week; we haven’t slept!

“It made well over 900rwhp and on the way down to the event it shat a 2000cc injector. I took it to my tuner and we had to go back to 1000cc injectors and pull all the power back out of it, so now we’re at about 760rwhp on 14psi and that’s where we’ve got to leave it. We made it, that’s the main thing!”

The car sat comfortably in the nines all week, but on day five disaster struck and it snapped the crank. Fortunately Brendan still had a respectable timeslip to hand in, and was classified as a finisher.

“I try and do as many events as I can through the year, but nothing compares to this. It’s no holiday; you’re completely buggered and to be honest it’s not even fun half the time, but I wouldn’t miss it. I’ll be back next year for sure.”


Class: Turbosmart Outlaw Blown


Engine: LQ9 408ci Turbo: GTX45 Transmission: Powerglide Converter: 3200rpm Diff: 3.5:1 Power: 630rwhp Previous PB: 8.91@160mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 9.45@148mph


Leigh Pearson, Tyson Bradbury, Shaun Harrison