THE quickest six-cylinder car in the Drag Challenge field, seasoned APSA racer Brad Keems Charger is a beautifully presented and blisteringly fast car. Its still running a 265ci Hemi six and Torqueflite auto and goes deep into the nines, thanks to an intercooled Garrett GT47 turbocharger and Autronic EFI set-up.

Ive been campaigning this car for a long time and its just something I really wanted to tick off my list, Brad says of Drag Challenge. I had a ball!

Oil pressure issues prevented Brad from putting down a full-noise pass at Calder on day five, with his 12.33@85mph well off the solid nine-second pace hed established throughout the event. That being said, it was still enough to claim the title of Quickest Six-Cylinder at Drag Challenge.

The event is obviously inspired by Drag Week, and I class my car as a street car and I love radial racing, Brad says. That, combined with it being a great week with my mates, and its just such a challenge for me and this car. Its been a great road trip and the car has performed so well. Its been fantastic.


Class: 247 Fittings Radial Blown


Engine: Hemi 265ci inline six Turbo: Garrett GT47 Transmission: 904 Torqueflite Converter: 5000rpm Diff: 3.7:1 Power: 850hp Previous PB: 9.20@143mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 9.57@144mph


Tom Fraser, Aaron Norman