AS A veteran of last year’s Drag Challenge as well as countless Hot Rod Drag Weeks in the US, Steve is hands down the most experienced competitor at this type of event in the field.

This year he was piloting his mate Andrew McLellan’s ’Cuda, which has the very distinct bragging right of being the only car to complete both Drag Week and Drag Challenge.

“Andrew bought this car for the first Drag Week we went on back in 2007,” Steve says. “When he bought the car it had an average 440 in and I think we got a high out of it. Since then he’s put a stroker kit through it and it’s up to 500 cubes. runs a cam out of my old Challenger, which is also doing this event.”

Steve had to rob some jet extensions out of a fellow competitor’s car to get the ’Cuda running right at ca it 12 pu an It C do ex co th Calder and replace a fuel pump at the mandatory stop on day three, but they were manageable issues that the team took in its stride on the way to claiming the trophy for Quickest Mopar V8-powered car.

“I like road trips and I like fast cars. What’s better than going around the country thrashing the crap out of a fast car? It’s sensational!”

Steve says. “You meet a lot of good guys and all the other competitors are friendly and helpful. It combines two things I like, which are drag racing and hot street cars.”


Class: Street Machine Outlaw Aspirated


Engine: 500ci Wedge Transmission: 727 Torqueflite Converter: 4500rpm Diff: 4.11:1 Power: 625hp (est) Previous PB: 10.66@124mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 10.74@123mph


Andrew McLellan