PORTLAND local and seasoned bracket racer Rod Kerr put on a hell of a showing in the DYO class in his nitrous 383ci Torana. Whatís even more impressive though is that just hours after his last pass on day five at Calder, he went under the knife in Melbourne for cancer surgery Ė what a superhuman effort!

ďThe event was fantastic.

The camaraderie and all the cars driving down the highway was such a buzz,Ē Rod says.

ďIíve been running the car in the ANDRA series for about four years, and it was running too quick and I was breaking out of my bracket, so Iíve changed the gears to 3.1:1 to slow it down a bit. The good thing is itís made it really sweet on the highway; it sits on 2600rpm and I got 18L/100km on the trip, which Iím quite happy with.Ē

Rod hadnít done a drive longer than 75km in the car prior to Drag Challenge, but it proved more than capable with no issues to report. ďMost of the time it just sits in the trailer, so it was awesome to go out on the road and treat it as a street car. It was a fantastic event. Put me at the top of the list for next year, because I think itís going to be booked out.Ē


Class: Castlemaine Rod Shop DYO


Engine: Holden 383ci Transmission: Turbo 400 Converter: 3000rpm Diff: 3.10:1 Power: 455rwhp Previous PB: 10.80@128mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 10.34@135mph


Tim Parker