“WE HAD an absolute ball.

It’s the best thing we’ve done and we’re living the dream,” Melbourne fella Scott Levy says. “We’ve had some problems. The car locked up and we jacked it up and realised we’d lost a bolt out of the trailing arm. It pushed the back wheel just about through the quarter panel, so I fixed it up using a couple of wheel studs off the car and limped back into town. The local mechanic gave us a couple of nuts and bolts to rebuild it again.”

Like a good number of Drag Challenge competitors, Scott’s focus was on finishing, as well as the social aspect of the event. “I worked so hard to make sure the car was right before the event so we had no breakdowns. All we wanted to do was finish, meet some people and drive it home afterwards.

We did that, then I took it out to the Wandin Custom Car & Bike Show the next night exactly as it finished Drag Challenge – stickers, tools and spares in the back and all!

The 406ci small blockpowered El Camino ran bottom 11s all week, and lived to tell the tale!


Class: Haltech Radial Aspirated


Engine: Chev 406ci Transmission: Turbo 400 Converter: 4500rpm Diff: 4.56:1 Power: 470rwhp Previous PB: 11.95@120mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 11.07@121mph


Robert Colombani