TIM competed in Drag Challenge last year in his ProCharged VZ ute, but with it off the road following a bit of a fender bender, he was back this year in his brother’s VW Golf R – the only fourpot and biggest sleeper in the field.

“People don’t take any notice of it and sometimes when you roll through the gates to race they say: ‘Spectator parking is over there!’” Tim laughs.

The Golf features an APR Stage 3 kit, consisting of an aftermarket turbo, intercooler, cold-air intake, high-pressure fuel pump, deleted intake manifold flaps, auxiliary fuel pump, exhaust and tune. The DSG transmission has Harding Performance software and upgraded clutch packs.

It runs deep into the 10s and allowed Tim to cruise between tracks in airconditioned comfort. His week wasn’t completely devoid of drama, however.

“It went 10.80@126mph at Calder, and at about 330ft it blew the exhaust off and jammed it under the car. It was hanging on by the rear exhaust mount and the oxy sensor wire,” Tim explains.

“Airport West Professional Exhaust helped us out with a replacement exhaust clamp; then we had to try and find an oxy sensor, which was a mission. We had to buy a jack and axle stands to fix it because we didn’t bring anything with us. Then we cleared all the faults and it was all back to normal.”


Class: Turbosmart Outlaw Blown


Engine: CDL 2.0L inline four Turbo: GTX2867R Transmission: Six-speed DSG Diffs: Factory Power: 406rwhp (Sunoco race fuel) Previous PB: 10.56@128mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 10.73@134mph


Shane Marshall