WINNER of the Longest Distance Travelled award for 2015, Brad hauled his beautifully presented EH and matching trailer all the way from sunny Western Australia to Victoria for Drag Challenge.

“We went to Whoop-Ass Wednesday at the Motorplex on a Wednesday night to test the car and trailer, because I figured if I couldn’t drive there and back there was no point bringing it over here!” Brad says. “The trailer looked like a normal tradesman’s trailer at that point, but by Thursday afternoon it was chequerplated, tubbed and all the rails were chopped off. We tried to make it look a little bit tidier.”

The EH runs a 383ci Chev with AFR heads, a small flat-tappet cam and 11:1 compression, with a Turbo 350 and nine-inch. “It still runs a dual-plane manifold and a vac carby, so I’m pretty happy to be running 11s. It’s just a nice cruiser that I’m racing more and more.”

Other than a rear-axle bearing, Brad’s week was relatively hassle-free and well worth the trip over from Perth. “We’ve got Gazzanats and Powercruise over there but nothing like this,” Brad says, “so it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring the car over.”


Class: Castlemaine Rod Shop DYO


Engine: Chev 383ci Transmission: Turbo 350 Converter: 4200rpm Diff: 3.5:1 Power: 480hp Previous PB: 11.11@118mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 11.335@118mph


Mark Grose