ONE of the many LS-converted cars on the Drag Challenge entry list, Justin Mitchell’s Quey was driven all the way from Sydney, completed the fiveday torture test without a hiccup, then cruised happily on home again.

“Drag Challenge was awesome!” Justin says.

“I broke a wheel stud at Portland, but luckily enough as we were driving out from the track I saw a ute in the paddock next door. I jumped the fence and knocked on the door of the house, and the bloke was happy enough to lend me two wheel studs out of it, so we got up and running again pretty quickly!”

Justin’s HQ runs a cammed LS1 with a Turbo 400 transmission and 3500rpm stall converter. Out back is a 3.7:1 geared HiLux diff.

“It’s been fairly reliable and running 12.0s all week, with a best pass of 11.80@114mph. It has even managed to get about 12.5L/100km between the tracks loaded up with about 400kg worth of crap.”

A fuel-injected, turn-key reliable 11-second street car with decent fuel economy and plenty of character is a sure-fire way to really enjoy Drag Challenge!


Class: Castlemaine Rod Shop DYO


Engine: 346ci LS1 Transmission: Turbo 400 Converter: 3500rpm Diff: 3.7:1 Power: 308rwhp Previous PB: 11.60@116mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 11.80@114mph


John Grech