FOR all the breakdowns, fires, engine swaps, bush mechanics and frantic spanner work going on at Drag Challenge, there was no busier man that week than our own Scott Taylor. Not only was Scotty largely responsible for organising and running the event – a massive task in itself – he also had a fair whack to do covering it for Street Machine, both in the magazine and online with daily video and web updates.

Just in case all these responsibilities weren’t enough to keep him completely and utterly engaged for the week, he also pinched the keys to HSV’s latest and greatest offering – the VFII GTS – muttering something to the good people at HSV about conducting some ‘performance testing’ with the car.

By that, of course, he meant that he was entering it in Drag Challenge.

For a bone-stocker, the GTS was no slouch, running low- to mid-12s with a minimum of fuss on standardissue tyres, and often with Scotty’s worldly possessions still rolling around in the boot. Fair to say he was the envy of other entrants too as he sailed past them in air-conditioned comfort while they were sweltering away in the desert heat.

He probably owes HSV an explanation as to the condition of the tyres, though!


Class: Castlemaine Rod Shop DYO


Engine: 6.2L LSA Supercharger: Eaton Transmission: 6L90E Converter: Standard Diff: 3.23:1 Power: 576hp Previous PB: N/A Best Drag Challenge Run: 12.34@113mph


Steve Kelly