THE only stick-shift in the competition, Grant Grechs LS-powered Torana hatch is one cool little street car. Grant managed to tear the trailing arm mounts clean off the diff housing at Portland, but a quick welding job saw the car back on the road in no time flat.

Its been challenging; its a lot harder on the car than I ever expected, Grant says. We had a rear brake grab on it, and the tailshaft was hitting the tailshaft loop and the pinion yoke hit the floor once we loaded it all up that was all before we left Calder! But we had a ball. Im very thankful for my two brothers who were with me. With help from those guys we got through it, and weve met some fantastic people.

The hatch runs an LS2 with a mild camshaft and drive-by-wire throttle, backed by a T56 gearbox and nine-inch with 4.11 gears.

As soon as I read about the event in December last year I sent off an expression of interest straight away, said Grant. Getting out and about, cruising with other hot cars, being around like-minded people and getting to see exactly what the big guys go through just to finish is awesome. Its so good to see and to be a part of.


Class: Castlemaine Rod Shop DYO


Engine: LS2 364ci Transmission: T56 Diff: 4.11:1 Power: 404rwhp Previous PB: 12.08@121mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 12.76@110mph


Kevin Grech, Michael Grech