ENTRANTS travelled from all over Australia to take part in Drag Challenge, including from the island state of Tasmania. Ben Walker shipped his Val across the creek for the event, and he and his wife Tracey had a pretty smooth run for the duration.

We had some carburettor tuning issues at Calder but since sorting those out its been good, he says.

We sent the car over on a freight ship so the wharfies drove it on and off the boat, which was a bit of a concern theyre used to fuelinjected cars but this thing needs a bit of a tickle on the throttle!

Ben bought the car off the internet out of Townsville seven years back, and aside from the 408ci motor which was built by Jerry from Advanced Engine Performance in Brisbane) and the diff, its all his own handiwork paint, bodywork and all.

It was a good event, he says. It was a lot of driving more than Im used to, being from Tassie! I dont drive the car a lot back home, but Drag Challenge was everything I hoped it would be. o a ( A B h w u d D h


Class: Haltech Radial Aspirated


Engine: Chrysler 408ci Transmission: 727 Torqueflite Converter: 4000rpm Diff: 3.2:1 Power: 515hp Previous PB: 7.33@95mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 11.46@120mph


Tracey Walker