DRAG Challenge was first time out for Josh’s freshly built VP ute, which was packing one very serious plasticbased combo. It’s a 355-cuber with H-beam rods, forged pistons, four-bolt mains, CNC –9 heads, a solid-roller cam, Shaun’s Custom Alloy intake manifold and an F1-R ProCharger running 14psi. It all adds up to a very stout 683rwhp, and it’s controlled by a very trick electronics package with a simple but effective solution for switching between pump fuel and E85 tune-ups.

“It has a full custom LS1 computer, multi-coil ignition system and reluctor wheel,” Josh says. “I have two separate computers; one with a 98 tune and another with an E85 tune.

When we get to the track we unplug one computer and plug the other one in, then start it up and away you go.”

Drag Challenge is a baptism of fire for any freshly built car, but Josh was in no way stressed about potential stoppages. “It’s a street car and if you can’t drive it then what’s the point?,” he says. “The worst thing it can do is break, and if it breaks you just take it home. We’ve got four or five cars floating around and it’s just good times. We’re cruising along with some good mates, having a few beers and heaps of laughs.”

At Portland the ute showed ninesecond pace, with a 6.39 on the eighth, but unfortunately a converter failure stopped it in its tracks at Bendigo on day five. It’s a killer package with loads of potential and we’re sure he’ll be back bigger and better next year. o i f i s y p c j f g w b s e fa B p w b


Class: 247 Fittings Radial Blown


Engine: Holden 355ci Supercharger: ProCharger F1-R Transmission: Turbo 400 Converter: 5000rpm Diff: 3.9:1 Power: 683rwhp Previous PB: 10.20@139mph Best Drag Challenge Run: 6.39@109mph at Portland


Normy Karnilowicz