What’s new for this year?

IT’S TIME to crank up the horsepower again.

Welcome to your Summernats 29 survival guide.

We had a quick chat to Summernats co-owner Andy Lopez about what’s planned this year.

What’s new for this year?

Well, the burnout pad cruise session is back on Thursday and Friday. That’ll give non-burnout entrants a chance to stretch their legs on the Summernats burnout pad; but it’s not for big burnouts. We don’t want guys who haven’t passed inspection for burnout competition going too hard.

Safety first, that’s fair enough. We hear there are more cars for the Summernats City Cruise this year?

That’s right. We’ve got 300 cars in the city cruise this time and the ACT Government is really getting behind it this year. We’re going to see some wilder blown cars this year and they’ve upped the noise limit to 100dB. The local government can really see the value in supporting Summernats; a recent report by Repucom says that Summernats brings around $21 million to the local economy.

It looks like you’ve got some great music acts again, too.

Yeah, we’ve got You Am I and Night Train on Thursday, the beautiful DJ Brooke Evers and ARIA-award-winning hip hop star Seth Sentry on Friday, then Black Summer and the Hoodoo Gurus on Saturday. For those not familiar with Black Summer, he’s a very talented 12-year-old local DJ who will also be doing the choreography on the Saturday night fireworks show, and his dad is a Summernats entrant!

It’s great to see some awesome Aussie acts playing, but what about the cars?

Well, Summernats is all about the cars. We’ve already got 1650 entrants and there’s still four weeks to go at this point. We’ve got the biggest Burnout Masters field ever, plus the Last Chance Shootout show has some of the toughest entrants in the country, and we’ll be lifting the cover off around 10 beautiful rides on Friday night during The Great Meguiar’s Uncover. We’ve actually moved the Great Uncover forward an hour this year so people can see both the unveiling and the bands.

We also hear there’s also going to be more ATMs this year?

That’s right, there’s going to be 10 ATMs on the grounds so people will have no problems getting hold of cash to do their Summernats shopping.