DAY four is crunch time for many of the big awards. The Grand Champion contenders have their final chance to prove themselves, this time in the Go-to-Whoa. The heads-up Go-to-Whoa entrants also have their finals.

Over in the dyno cell, the Horsepower Heroes Shootout Finals run from 9am to midday.

Will we see anyone crack 2000hp at the treads this time?

While the Soundoff replaces the Top 60 in the Meguiar’s Pavilion, you can check out many of the best cars from the Top 60, Street and Tuff Street judging on display from 9.30am in the Vibrance Supreme show at Central Park.

Don’t miss the Grand Champion award ceremony on the burnout pad at 12.30pm, followed by the fury of the Burnout Championships finals and the Burnout Masters Top 10 Face-off.

The whole deal is done and dusted by 6pm – time for a beer!

S C H E D U L E 8:30AM: Gates open 8:30AM-12:00PM: Horsepower Clinic, Dyno Cell 9AM-12PM: Horsepower Heroes Shootout Finals 9AM-3PM: Exhibition and Traders open 9AM-11:30AM: Heads-up Go-to-Whoa Finals 9AM-11AM: Freestyle Fun Grass Driving Event, Main Arena 9AM-3PM: Classic & Vintage Car Display, Main Arena 9AM-3PM: Anest Iwata Airbrush Art Exhibition, Meguiar’s Pavilion 9AM-5PM: FM104.7 Car Audio Soundoff, Meguiar’s Pavilion 9:30AM-11:30AM: Vibrance Supreme Entrant Show & Awards, Central Park (presentation at 11.30am) 11:15AM-11:30AM: Freestyle Fun Driving Event Presentation, Grass Driving 12PM-12:15PM: Driving Skills Awards Presentation, Liqui-Moly Power Pit 12:15PM-12:30PM: Go-to-Whoa Awards Presentation, Liqui-Moly Power Pit 12:30PM-12:45PM: Horsepower Heroes Awards Presentation, Dyno Cell 12:30PM-12:45PM: Street Machine Summernats Grand Champion Award, Liqui-Moly Power Pit 1PM-2:30PM: Liqui-Moly Summernats Burnout Championship Final, Liqui-Moly Power Pit 2PM-2:30PM: Car Audio Drive-By – cruise on the Cruise Route, Tuff Street/ Performance Park/Return 2:30PM-3:30PM: Liqui-Moly National Burnout Masters Top 10 Face-off 3:30PM-5:30PM: Liqui-Moly Summernats Burnout Championship Final (cont.), Liqui- Moly Power Pit 5PM: Soundoff Awards Presentation, Meguiar’s Judging Pavilion 5:30PM-5.45PM: Liqui-Moly Summernats Burnout Championship and National Burnout Masters Awards 6PM: Summernats 29 closes


THERE are many highly prized awards at Street Machine Summernats, but the pinnacle is the Grand Champion gong. To be in the running, you’ll need to score highly in the Elite judging and be ready to compete in both the go-to-whoa and grass driving events to prove that your car runs as well as it looks.

Points are also allocated from the People’s Choice voting to reward cars with that indefinable X-factor.

The competition at the top has been tight the past few years, with the performance of both car and driver in the driving events being the clincher. You can see the cars being put through their paces on the oval at the start of the Saturday night Supercruise, and again early Sunday morning for the go-to-whoa on the burnout pad.


BRING your rego papers and licence if you’re an entrant.

You must show proof of registration and third-party insurance. If the registration isn’t in your name, you’ll need a permission letter from the registered owner.

Highly modified cars need engineer’s certificates, which must be carried at all times – this goes for rego and insurance as well. Rego plates, labels and papers must all match. If you can’t prove registration, or don’t have an engineer’s certificate, then you’ll have to buy a permit ($100) and you’ll only be allowed to cruise EPIC between 10am and 6pm. No open headers are allowed. If you want to run in Go-to-Whoa or Burnouts, you’ll need a 360-degree tailshaft loop and only the entrant is allowed to drive. For those who are trailering their car through scrutineering, you will have a separate line.


IF YOU plan on going for it in the driving events, then make sure you’re wearing shoes and socks and bring an approved helmet. Burnout competitors will also need long pants and a long-sleeved shirt or jacket. Wheels and tyres can be changed for burnouts only; slicks are not allowed for the Goto- Whoa. Burnout competitors have the option of borrowing a two-layer firesuit for competition. It’s not compulsory, but they’re there if people want to use them, with a range of sizes available.