RUN your eyes down the APSA Top 10 lists and you’ll see that Anthony Visintin currently sits in True Street’s number five spot, but he’s looking to move up the list real soon. His wheelstanding XE Falcon has been one of the most spectacular cars in the class over the past year or so, but the engine you see here isn’t the blue Falcon’s latest donk; it’s one Anthony built for a mate.

“I actually work for Burson Auto Parts,” Anthony says. “I just do a few engines on the side. I’m not interested in slinging stockies together; I like to do the nicer stuff – top-shelf engines.

“This one is a 423ci small-block Ford for Jimmy Stojkoski’s XA sedan. It was always designed to be a nitrous engine, so it’s got some heavy-duty gear. If it was for something like mine there’d be a lot of different gear in it.”

Down below there’s an Eagle 4340 steel crank with Callies Ultra rods and some chunky CP forged pistons. Being nitrous slugs, they’re a bit heavier than most, but that didn’t stop the combo punching out 803hp@7800rpm in naturally aspirated form.

The Windsor’s top end is mostly CHI Pro Series gear, with a pair of their CNC-ported 3V heads and a high-rise intake topped by a Zex nitrous plate and a 1200cfm BRE Dominator carby.

With the smallest jets in it, the Zex plate is supposed to add 170hp, or so they thought.

But when it came time to flick the switch, the combo went just over 1000hp on MCE’s engine dyno, and with the capability to go up to 400hp jets, there’s more power to be had when they’re ready to go nuts.

“Jimmy’s just finished doing an engine bay tidy-up, so he’ll be bolting this in with a new DTM Powerglide,” Anthony says.

But if you’re thinking this set-up is race-only, you’d be wrong – it’s a pump-fuel engine and Anthony reckons that Jimmy is planning to do a few street miles with the combo. Imagine rocking up to a cruise night with this under the bonnet. Yowsers! s