TAILSPIN, the astonishing back-to-front FB Holden street machine project of Kylie and Adam Perry, reached a major milestone recently with the application of its paint. Revealed here for the first time, the colours are an incredible brew of custom green/ gold PPG Deltron GRS with aluminium and glass flake, with contrasting burgundy inside.

The colours were applied by master painters – PPG’s John Hristias and Casey Calis – after Kylie, Adam and legendary car crafter Howard Astill gave the nod to the FB’s surface following several days of detailed prep work at PPG’s Sydney training facility.

Tailspin has been an immense project for the Canberra-based Perrys. Originally a concept sketch by artist Linda Vesperman for the Jan/Feb 1994 issue of SM, Adam and Kylie decided it would be worth turning concept into reality, beginning with a casual conversation with Howard.

Following that initial chat, the trio created a full-sized mock-up using a chopped-up rusty FB Holden with an R33 Skyline turret.

“Seeing it, that mock-up made us even more determined to do it,” says Kylie, recounting some of the highlights of the car’s build as she and the crew prepared Tailspin for paint at PPG.

That determination was an essential part of this car being completed.

As Howard says: “Plenty of people start big projects and then lose interest, and the cars end up on eBay.

As a project, this car, really, is bigger than big.”

In the five years since, Tailspin has soaked up thousands of hours with Howard. He has guided and assisted the Canberra couple toward their lofty but achievable ambition of building one of Australia’s most incredible street machines.

Street Machine had the honour of seeing the colours go on, and it was an amazing scene to watch the crew do their stuff. After denibbing and detailing of the paint, the car’s next journey is back to Canberra for Kylie and Adam to perform final assembly.

As with many incredible street machine builds, Tailspin is a little behind the timeline envisaged when the project began – but who cares? With all the trimwork and mechanicals (a Crow Camsfettled injected Holden 5.0-litre V8 and TH700 four-speed auto) previously mocked into place, the car should go back together like Lego for a MotorEx debut mid-year. Fingers crossed!