Shaun Dunford, email

JUST got the Feb issue in the mailbox yesterday and it looks like a great read yet again.

While I was very happy to get the extra 77 pages on Drag Challenge in the Jan issue, it appears some weren’t (Your Stuff, SM, Feb ’16). Was great to read about the machines involved and their efforts, which is nearly inspiration enough to have a crack myself!

But reading Peter Warburton’s letter about Summernats being unsafe in various aspects and unorganised in others made me laugh. Peter, if you want Summernats to end up like some Yank car show, where they make cars do a stationary burnout against a block of concrete as a chock, then keep complaining loud and hard, but you might be a solo voice. If you want safety and serenity go to a quilting show!

Then perennial letter-writer Redmond chimes in with an unasked-for rant about Ford supporters. “Worthless toys”, Redmond? Ask a few GTHO owners how much they will sell for and get back to us. As for Holdens being the “rulers of steel and rubber” in this country, we better not take too many nine-inch diffs or Chevrolet engines out of them or there might be a slight motivational problem for a few. Speaking of motivational, when GM finally closes the door on Elizabeth, and the mighty General ships over hotted-up Astras and Vauxhalls to play with, I hope you can find solace in your one poached egg on Vegemite toast, Redmond. Better add some Tabasco sauce for extra spice while the Ford people are driving Mustangs with factory-backed 700hp upgrades. For the record, I love Fords, but equally love a Holden, Valiant, Japanese, American, English or Euro car if it is cool.

One last thing: Am I the only one to notice the names of the correspondents to LOL over the past six months or so? Surely I win a prize for spotting those ridiculously funny names?