Geoff Scard, email

THE ‘Quick Silver’ XW Falcon article in the January issue of SM really appealed to me, because it was indeed a ‘sleeper’ but projected an image of an excellent alloriginal GS. It was so cool to see no huge stacks poking out of the bonnet (though a ‘shaker’ wouldn’t be out of place), giving the impression that the silver icon was ‘as factory’. Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing! This orange-striped beast would have jaws dropping as it nails a 9.53-second pass on the strip. I can see that some of the lads like to compete to have the tallest mill tower erupting from the bonnet, but it was just refreshing for an old-schooler like me to see all the goodies hidden.

The HX Sandman van was another fine example in the same issue. Great stuff guys! Keep it happening!