Eddie OíHehir, email

I LIKE how you cover all aspects of modified vehicles: road racers, dragsters, rally, show Ė I love the balance. Iím from Katherine in the Northern Territory and itís hard to get this sort of info here; thatís why we rely on mags like Street Machine.

Anyway, I need a bit of help here with a product that was mentioned by Mark Arblaster a few issues back. I have nearly all my back issues in the shed for reference but, typical, the one I want I loaned out and never got back. It was the one with the two XW Falcons on the cover (Oct í15). The article was about a blue Valiant hardtop barn-find that was being fitted with an LS1. Mark mentioned a new cleaning product that they used to clean up the engine bay, and Iíd really love to know the name of it. Iíve got an XC Falcon project going on at the moment and want to tidy up the engine bay before painting.

HEY Eddie, the product was called Erazer, supplied by Glendale Packaging. Head here for more info: wpcproduct/erazer/.