WE POSTED some video to our Facebook page of some cool scenes from Running From The Guns, a great Aussie car movie from 1987.

The flick features a GTHO, a genuine AC Cobra, a smoky Jag and a flaming Charger, and stars the late Jon Blake, who at the time was being hailed as the new Mel Gibson. Tragically, before the film was released he was involved in a horrific car accident that left him paralysed and unable to speak. From what we can gather, the film has never been released on DVD; if you’ve heard otherwise, please let us (and the readers) know!

CJ Wynne – Never seen this before, looks like a great car movie. Good genuine driving and some great camera angles adding to the quality.

Chris Pace – Watched this one on video a long time ago. Good Aussie film. Love the scene where a carby fire on a Valiant is extinguished mid-conversation like it’s a daily occurrence!

Andrew Hall – Great car flick. Is that actress Nikki Coghill? She is a hottie!

Stuart Watson – The Cobra was a genuine AC 289 worth between one and two million dollars.

It was taken back to the UK in the mid-90s and restored. Awesome to see an unrestored one getting thrashed around Melbourne and the AT THE MOVIES Great Ocean Road. Love the movie; it used to be on YouTube but was recently taken down.

Brad Garner – Gotta love the sound of that 351 XY.

Paul Borg – Ha ha! The GT at the end ripping the radiator out of the Merc – classic.

Enviro Sand Master Blaster – Love the XY GT in it, just oozes horsepower and grunt!

Tim O’Brien – And axle tramp!

Enviro Sand Master Blaster – LOL, saw that.

When I was 13 I used to do that with my mum’s auto front-wheel-drive Passat!

Keith Burgess – Jon Blake was a brilliant actor, shame about the accident, ruined a great career.

Peter Bellas – Years ago, Australia had a Paul Walker too! His name was Jon (Sonny) Blake, RIP. Met him on the set of Freedom at Adelaide Engine Service (before the car accident). Very nice guy!

Aaron Paul Schubert – RIP Jon Blake.

Genuine Cobra too. The blow-up doll was funny as.

Stephen Woods – I can’t believe they wrecked a Datsun 240Z and a Valiant Charger! Both worth fortunes now!

Pumkin Kat – Dayam! I’ve never even heard of that movie. Some pretty iconic cars, even the European stuff. Briefly had a 7 Series like the one shown; my mates called it the diplomat’s car! But they wrecked some cars too; the Z-car and the Charger – okay in the 80s, but now?

Kit Bearo – Cool as, looks better than Running On Empty.

Neil Bramble – Going to have to check this one out.

Dustin Blake – Awesome that people still like these movies!

Shane Wazurka – What a legendary movie, my fave of all time.

Benno Bishop – Super-cool, haven’t seen it in years!

Dale Hannemann – Great old movie, want to watch it! Is it on DVD?

Johnny Fong – “Ay ya poofters, get a Hooolden!”

Martin Young Tash N Mitch Young – The last 10 seconds is just hilarious!

Rich Brasted – Great Aussie acting. Blakey the legend.

Pete Martino – Aussie drama at its best.

Greg James – What movie is it?

Gavin David Drogemuller – Running From The Guns. Good luck finding it though – it has never been digitised beyond what you see in this clip.