RIVERINA skid king Martin Tooth is in the process of upgrading the motor in his Holden one-tonner, after popping a head gasket and bending a rod at Brashernats last year.

With plans to sit the tacho on 9000rpm, an LSX block was called for, with a custom-made 3.25in-stroke Callies centre-counterweighted lightweight crank, extra-long 6.35in rods and Ross pistons.

Its a pretty serious engine, Sam Fenech from Westend Performance says. We are going to run an L98 head with titanium valves and a solid-roller cam with Morel tie-bar lifters. The manifold will be a Shauns Custom Alloy high-rise intake with a Blower Shop 8/71 supercharger. Its not about making horsepower, its all about being able to rev the snot out of it, and with the blower at 25 per cent overdriven this thing is going to scream.

Other modifications will include a four-stage dry sump set-up with EFI on the Enderle Big & Ugly injector hat, and with so much money invested in the build its expected to spend 12 months sitting on the sidelines.