WE LOVE seeing cool and tough retro machines, and one that really floats our boat is the twin-turbo upgrade Peter Surace has had the boys at Russo Performance complete on his stunning HK Monaro.

Many people would be content to wave a duster over a stunning car like this and bury it in a shed, so its great to see guys like Pete still using his car in the manner it was built for.

While the canary yellow gloss tells one story, nearly 1000hp at the rear tyres from the twinturbo LS tells another, and thats the one were really interested in.

I originally bought the car off Gumtree a few years back as a roller, Peter recalls. Its a HK GTS 307-cube car. I wanted something that would be killer as a real street car not for the drags or anything, maybe for Powercruise-style events. Its had a full bare-metal restoration, but the biggest part of the build has been the Russo Performance-built 400ci engine with twin 71mm BorgWarner turbos.

The combo is still running a stock 2010 VE Commodore ECU and is loaded with around 20lb of boost, which makes an impressive 990hp at the treads. Theres a front-mounted air-to-air intercooler, and with so much boost the car has been set up exclusively on E85.

I didnt want to go cutting the car up, so its still untubbed and running a leaf-spring rear end with a nine-inch diff, Peter says.

The biggest job has not been the restoration, but the amount of fabrication to make it all fit and be functional. That, and paying for it! hi b f P i l