Stella F Fort, email

A HILLBILLY from up in the mountains walked 12 miles to the general store.

“Heya Zeke,” said Jim, the store owner. “Tell me, are you and Thelma still making fires up there by rubbing two sticks together?”

“Sure are Jim,” Zeke replied. “Ain’t no other way.”

“Well, I’ve got something to show you.” With that, Jim pulled out a match. “Now watch this. If you want a fire, all you have to do is this.” He struck the match on his pants, lighting it.

“Huh, well ain’t that something,” Zeke replied.

“But y’know, that ain’t for me, Jim.”

“Why not?”

“Well, every time I want a fire, I can’t be walking 12 miles just so I can borrow your pants.”